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This is the software which guides you through the Process ofcreating a STL File from an physical object.After entering some more settings like scan accuracy and output dimenstions,this APP can create a STL File for you.This approach does NOT use a 3D calibration with a checkboard, insteadit uses a simple image approximation. Still results are quite good.In order to use this APP successfully there are some extra prerequisites
* you must have a rotating turntable and a line laser scanner in place. ( Watch my Thing on to build the turntable )* basic understanding, how 3D scanning principially works, is mandatory.* some repetitions needed with changed parameters to get optimal result* Generally: What the laser does not see, will not translate to the STL File
If you do not have a turntable (yet), you can shortcut the time by preinstalling some existing videoslike or correct files with instructions can be found on the homepage.
Detailled instructions on usage can be found on
This app uses the FFmpegMediaMetadataRetriever from